<Nostalgic Veterans> offers a home to those who enjoy the multifaceted aspects that Everquest has to offer. Our primary goal is to enhance the Everquest experience by providing everything from friendly chatter, social events like our Guild Trivia nights with prizes!, and a non-mandatory raiding atmosphere.

We have not stepped into raiding yet, but the leadership has many years of experience raiding everything from Classic up through Call of the Forsaken. Our planned times will be 8pm EST to 11pm EST. We plan to raid 2 days a week, the days are currently up for consideration between the following: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday.

We use Discord as our form of voice communication, forums, and website.

We are proud to accommodate people of all playstyles in our no pressure / no fuss culture. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, send a tell to Bumbello, Illithid, Marina, Chestacles, Candy, or Swifter, or hit the contact link for more details. If you know we would be a good fit, you can seek out our nearest member for a direct invitation!

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