READ FIRST: Guild Info & Charter

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READ FIRST: Guild Info & Charter

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<Nostalgic Veterans> offers a home to those who enjoy the multifaceted aspects that Everquest has to offer. Our primary goal is to enhance the Everquest experience by providing everything from friendly chatter, social events, and a non-mandatory raiding atmosphere.

Our raid/event times typically start at 8:30pm EST and go until 11pm EST depending on the night (Raid days are Monday & Thursday, Event day is Saturday). Extensions may be made up to 12am EST for raid targets if the majority are okay with it.

Discord is a requirement if you have any interest in raiding, and strongly suggested even if you do not. You do not have to have a microphone or speak at all, but it is certainly necessary to listen to raid directions.

We are an EPGP based guild. Easiest way to explain it is EP (Effort Points) are like earning DKP. GP (Gear points) are values assigned to gear. EP divided by GP = Priority. Come to raids, earn points, get priority on gear. Get gear, drop priority until you earn more points. Stop raiding, lose points, lose priority. Pretty simple math based :)

We are proud to accommodate people of all playstyles in our no pressure / no fuss culture.

Core Rules
  • Guild First: We expect all members to ensure that everything they do reflects positively on the guild.
  • We recruit the PERSON not the TOON. We firmly believe that people are what make this game so enjoyable, toons are pixels that come and go
  • Be Social. When we have a guild event (Trivia, Treasure Hunts, Epic Fights, Raids, etc), we ask that you participate if you are able to do so. Our philosophy is that if you join a guild, you should do your best to be a part of it, not just another toon in the ranks.
  • Leadership roles are decided based on demonstrated ability as well as the need for a leader in a particular spot. You can be assured that your leaders are working hard to make the game more fun for you. While the reason behind every decision may not always be apparent at the moment an order is issued, all directions from Leadership or Class Leads need to be immediately executed. Errors may occur, at which point they should be reported to Illithid / Bumbello where they will be handled, and if needed, leadership changes made.
  • We are a T(ogether) E(veryone) A(chieves) M(ore). There will be times people get frustrated and personal sacrifices might have to be made to help someone in need, but we are all adults playing a game we enjoy. Our goal is to provide a space in which collaboration and friendship can be built.
  • Members who cannot follow our core rules will be removed.
Code of Conduct
  • Guild values must be upheld by ALL members. It is required you display your guild-tag at all times, if you wish to hide your class/level, use /roleplay. No exceptions.
  • Everyone is expected to behave in a manner acceptable and expected of a high functioning adult. Simply put, be mature, professional, and team focused. Harassment, drama, & selfish immaturity will not be tolerated. (This includes but is not limited to: Killstealing, Loot ninja'ing, trolling public channels, etc)
  • Be a friend. Everquest is a social game, and while many people may play more than one toon at a time, even they cannot get everywhere without the help of others. To make a friend, you first have to be one.
  • Any issues that may arise with or involving guild policies should be brought to Leadership (or Class Lead if none available) directly. Publicly (whether in group, general, or guild chat) announcing such issues is not acceptable
  • Personal attacks on other members is not permitted. Handle issues with another player privately in tells, in a mature professional way. Seek out a Leadership or Class Lead if help is needed, but do not personally attack other members.
  • Backstabbing, ninja-looting, stealing from/scamming or otherwise harming other members is not permitted. It all goes back to our core value that we are a TEAM.
  • Abusive profanity, overly sexual or obscene content, racism, sexism, & religious persecution are not needed or permitted in guild channels in game, Discord, or chatzone. Any of these are grounds for immediate removal.
  • If a Leadership or Class Lead tells you to do something, do it immediately. Do not argue or complain to them and most definitely do not get nasty with them or removal will occur and you can explain to Illithid / Bumbello why you had to behave that way and should be let back in.